A Fistful Of Dolarhyde

Growing up, there were two very important libraries in my life. The first was the Nappanee Public Library. This was not my local library, but it was where my grandma Hubner worked. Every week my dad would go over to visit my grandma and do whatever work needed done around the house. He’d pay her […]

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If you grew up in the 1980s then you get it. If you grew up just on the outskirts of the neon decade then you might as well have grown up at the turn of the century. The 1980s were a pretty incredible time to be a freckle-faced kid, cruising around the suburbs with nothing […]


Exploring Textures : Michael C. Sharp Talks Collaborations and ‘End Times’

Michael C. Sharp is the musician’s musician. He can jump from drums to keys to guitar when needed(there’s probably more instruments I could add to that list), and he does in his various musical outlets. From Sungod to Äutlier to his solo work, Sharp takes whatever musical reigns in front of him and builds soundscapes and […]

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