Weird Dream; Made Up Memories

I had the strangest dream. In this dream I was at my parents house. There were other relatives there. My uncle Mark was there helping to move dirt and boards that were covering a hole in the backyard. In the dream I called my uncle Matt instead of Mark, and this seemed to make him […]

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Hunter Complex : Dead Sea

I think one of the biggest musical discoveries for me in the last couple years has been Hunter Complex. The one-man music project of Lars Meijer has been a constant soundtrack in my head and ears since I first heard his Death Waltz Originals release Open Sea in late 2018/early 2019. That album for me […]

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Shortwave Broadcaster Returns With ‘In Flow’, Out 7/16; Listen To Hazy Title Track

Keith Canisius is no stranger to ethereal electronic music. He’s released music with Rumskib, Astral TV, and under his own name. All of these projects mix elements of shoegaze, dream pop, Berlin School, and heavy synth, with Astral TV deep diving the most into the German experimental electronic movement of the early 70s. With Rasmus […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : Tre Sfere

Before the ink could dry on his last release, New York-based musician and composer Salvatore Mercatante has released a new album. Right off the heels of his Soundtracking The Void album Presents Pistacchio Sessions, Mercatante now presents us with Tre Sfere which is being released by Woodford Halse. Where PPS concentrated on more dance floor […]

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Alone 1980 : Vol. 1-3

Alone 1980 captures a certain kind of horror claustrophobia in their music. The Sweden-based imagined soundtrack provocateur builds sonic nightmares with vintage equipment, retro vibes, and a sense that you’ve stepped into some long lost video nasty on late night cable TV in the early 80s. Though the music varies from sweat-inducing panic to almost […]

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Outpost 31 Studios Presents : Quarantine Cuts Vol. 1; Listen To First Single “Moonhouse”

There’s a special little place located in OKC that may be a physical spot, or maybe just a tattered spot in our minds we go to reflect called Oupost 31 Studios. It’s a spot where you can find ethereal music always playing just under your thoughts and imagination. Music that feels as if it escaped […]

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My 21st Father’s Day

I called my dad this past Sunday morning to wish him a happy Father’s Day. In the conversation, after he wished me the same I told him that my oldest bought the ingredients to make me an Old Fashioned as an early Father’s Day gift. He laughed and said “You know you’re getting old when […]

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Gojira : Fortitude

You know you’ve hit a milestone of some sort when your kids start hipping you to new bands. It seems like it was only yesterday I was reliving my youth by purchasing classic OG pressings of thrash and speed metal albums on vinyl, and sharing that nostalgia with my then 10-year old son. We’d jam […]

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