Mythic Sunship : Changing Shapes

A true sign of a psych band worth their weight in hallucinogenics is their set at Roadburn. Many bands have stepped on the stage in Tilburg, Netherlands, and when they do they need to bring it. They need to bring it all and leave nothing but scorched earth, sizzled amplifiers, and melted faces in the […]

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Of Montreal : UR FUN

There’s a sort of giddy insanity that comes along with musical world of Kevin Parker’s Of Montreal. From the beginning in the twee 60s pop rock of Cherry Peel to the emotional complexities on Hissing Fauna, You’re The Destroyer to the sexual awakenings of Skeletal Lamping, Parker has used Of Montreal as both a rock […]

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“restless dreams of youth”

I hit the Rush discography pretty hard this past weekend. In light of the passing of the amazing drummer/lyricist Neil Peart I was compelled to jump down the Lee/Lifeson/Peart rabbit hole and see if I’d come the other side the same. It’s been awhile since I binged my favorite prog rock Canadians, and I have […]

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Neil, Jason, and Me

Neil Peart set me on a course of musical discovery at the age of 15 that only maybe John Lennon, Jeff Tweedy or Adrian Belew can equal. Of course my frontal lobe frizzle fried when I first heard  Peart take off on one of his 8-minute drum solos. His live dexterity on All The World’s […]

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Kanaan and Jonas Munk Unite For ‘Odense Sessions’; Listen To “Of Raging Billows Breaking On The Ground”

A new year is upon us, that means a new year of releases. One of my favorite parts of January is when one of my all-time great record labels begins to drop release dates, and El Paraiso Records is doing just that. One of 2018s biggest surprises was Norwegian band Kanaan’s debut album Windborne. An […]

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