DJ Shadow : Our Pathetic Age

When Joshua Paul Davis, aka DJ Shadow, dropped his debut in 1996 he turned the world of instrumental hip hop, trip hop, and electronica on its head. Endtroducing… revolutionized the art of sampling and how far you could go with it to make great art. Shadow opened the door for producers like J Dilla, Madlib, […]

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Beck : Hyperspace

So does anybody recall the last really great Beck album? I’m trying to figure that out. I’d probably venture a guess that it was The Information. That was the point where sadsack Beck and weirdo fun Beck came together and made a great sounding album with Nigel Godrich. The pseudo raps and fun samples were […]

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Gabriel Birnbaum Drops “Blue Kentucky Mile”; New Album ‘Not Alone’ Out Tomorrow 11/22

There’s a sleepy, melancholy drawl to singer/songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum’s vocals in his sweetly sad new single “Blue Kentucky Mile”. With the loping rhythm, tremolo’d guitar, and almost ghostly shuffle of the track, you’d think you had come across some long floating radio signal stuck in time. A musical present from the past wanting to lull […]

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Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep

I grew up knowing The Shining as a Stanley Kubrick film that scared the hell out of me, even in “Edited For Television” form. The desolation of the Overlook Hotel, the jittery but optimistic mother, the alcoholic father slowly losing his mind to the ghosts that resided there, and the strange little boy named Danny […]

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