Jeff Beck : 1944-2023

It took till I was 30-years old before I truly discovered Jeff Beck. As a kid I listened to enough classic rock stations to be familiar with his work in The Yardbirds, his solo albums with Rod Stewart(thanks to Scorsese’s Casino “I Ain’t Superstitious” will ring forever in my brain), as well as receiving this […]

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New Year, New You, New Meh

It’s official, we’re one year closer to whatever the universe has in store for us. At this point I want to say I won’t be surprised by anything, but usually I regret saying that because there’s typically some fresh Hell just around the corner to say “Gotcha!” I just hope that whatever comes in the […]

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Written New Year’s Day, 2023 Yesterday I went to a funeral home and paid my respects to Mike. Mike was the father of one of my best and oldest friends, Tyson. It’s humbling and heavy at any funeral, but to be there for my best friend’s dad was a whole other level. Mike was 78 […]

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“We have resumed control…”

It’s been a week since I posted anything. Or nearly a week. I knew it’d been awhile since my Chromebook was completely dead, sitting idly on top of the subwoofer in the living room collecting dust. After a two-week build up of album lists and revisiting records of 2022’s past, I needed a break. I […]

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