Wilco : Ode To Joy

It feels that for the last decade Wilco have been struggling to find their footing. That sounds rather ridiculous to say given the powerful unit of musicians that have occupied the space within the Chicago band since 2004. They’re like this band of wizards backing one of our generations greatest songwriters, Jeff Tweedy. But as […]

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Wilco’s “Everybody Hides”

In just a little over a week Wilco will release their new album, the grandly-titled Ode To Joy. It’s been a few years since a new Wilco album was something I was hotly anticipating. I’d say Wilco(The Album) was the last record of theirs where I was chomping at the bit and waiting by the […]

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Jeff Tweedy : WARM

Jeff Tweedy comes across as the sage dude quietly sitting at a table in some nondescript cafe, reading a tattered copy of George Saunders’ CivilWarLand in Bad Decline and drinking a vitamin water. Baggy jacket, frumpy hat covering a head of wild hair, and a beard you want to tell him to please shave. Even […]

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Wilco : Schmilco

I can only imagine that at some point in an artist’s life taking yourself and your art so seriously can get pretty heavy. Eventually real life will start to outdo you in the drama department and what you once took so serious doesn’t seem all that important anymore. Health crisis, getting older, losing loved ones […]

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A Life In Albums : Part One

I usually don’t like those list things. You know, where you have to rank things you love which makes other things you love seem as if you love them less. Year end lists are okay, but when you’re talking “TOP 20 MOVIES OF YOUR LIFE” or “TOP 10 BURRITOS I’VE EVER EATEN”, it kind of […]

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