Mikal Cronin : MKIII

I’m not sure it’s possible to not like Mikal Cronin. It’s like saying you don’t like love, reminiscing, and looking longingly back at your youth. If you can say you don’t like any of those things then I suppose it’s possible to dismiss Mr. Cronin’s music as fluff and too syrupy sweet. If you feel […]

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Ty Segall :: Manipulator

I have to be completely honest here, okay? I’ve never been much of a fan of this guy called Ty Segall. Yeah, I know this is a shocking revelation to the world at large, but I felt I needed to get that out in the open before I went any further with this review. I […]

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Kelley Stoltz

I’m not sure how Kelley Stoltz has escaped my ears, but it’s a damn shame. Pure lo-fi pop bliss this guy makes. I listened to a track off a new album called Double Exposure that he’s releasing on Third Man Records and that song was a mix of vintage synths and buzzy guitars. Something like […]

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