The C.I.A. : Surgery Channel

So Surgery Channel isn’t an album of the Central Intelligence Agency’s greatest hits, but rather this is yet another Ty Segall project. This one in-particular is a project that includes Segall, his wife Denée Segall, and Cairo Gang’s Emmett Kelly. The sound is primitive electronic with touches of post-punk and even riot grrrl in Denée’s […]

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Ty Segall : Hello, Hi

Ty Segall might be the busiest man in indie rock. He’s certainly one of the most prolific, dropping something new seemingly every 6 months. Whether it’s solo albums or with one of his many side projects, Segall seems to have a mind that runs 24/7. Albums spanning garage rock, psych folk, wonky synth workouts, and […]

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Ty Segall : Harmonizer

Ty Segall is a hard artist to keep up with. Just as you’re memorizing track orders on the newest album he’s already released a new one, either under his own name or with any one of his many side projects/collaborations. I’m not complaining(okay, maybe I am), but it’s as if he can’t stop and soak […]

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Fuzz : III

Whether you’re ready or not, Ty Segall, Charlie Moothart, and Chad Ubovich are back with Fuzz’ third album, III. Starting out with their self-titled debut in 2013, the trio of Cali psych rock vets put out an album with Sabbath-like riffs and Blue Cheer garage rock abandon, setting the bar extremely high for riff-heavy rock […]

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Wasted Shirt : Fungus II

Wasted Shirt is a collaborative project between Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale. If you’re at all familiar with where these two individual artists are coming from stylistically then you should be very excited. And a little frightened. If you’re not familiar, then imagine songs culled together with exploding amplifiers, drums being abused beyond […]

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Ty Segall : Freedom’s Goblin

Ty Segall is not the type of guy to sit on his laurels. He doesn’t put out an album and then sit, lay back and just coast on good reviews for awhile. It seems that usually by the time he puts a record out he’s already onto the next record, project, music obsession, etc. For […]

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Ty Segall : Ty Segall

You pretty much know what to expect when jumping into Ty Segall’s musical world. You should, as he creates these worlds on a pretty steady basis. Whether it’s his own albums or with projects he started with pals like Mikal Cronin and Charlie Moothart, Segall is in constant creative cycles. A year ago Segall dropped […]

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Ty Segall : Emotional Mugger

Surprise, a new Ty Segall album. I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? The fuzz rock wunderkind has kept a pretty steady habit of putting out two or three albums a year, whether under his own name or with some pals in another band. Last year’s quite excellent Manipulator showed that if Segall takes […]

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