Colleen : The Tunnel and the Clearing

CĂ©cile Schott builds intricate worlds in her music. Sparse songs that seem somewhat simple at first, but reveal complex and emotional pieces that balance on melancholy and dream-like atmospheres. Schott creates these worlds on her own as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and has been making records for around 20 years now. Her last album, 2017s excellent […]

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Lightning Bolt : Sonic Citadel

Lightning Bolt have never been a band that dabbled in subtlety. The two-piece from Providence, Rhode Island, which consists of bassist Brian Gibson on bass and Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals, have stayed true to a mission statement of keeping things loud, fast, aggressive, and animated. Their shows are always the duo at ground […]

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Umberto : Helpless Spectator

Matt Hill, aka Umberto, has been making eerie, haunting electronic noise now for the better part of our current decade. Capturing the queasy vibes of 60s psychedelics and 70s Giallo into his own musical prism, Umberto played a big part in helping to create the imagined soundtrack universe. Ranging from subtle techno pulses, to dense […]

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Umberto Announces New Album ‘Helpless Spectator’; Listen To “Spontaneous Possession”

It’s been three years since Matt Hill released an album as Umberto, the giallo-inspired electronic project that Hill has been creating music within since 2008. The horror score and Italio Disco vibes Hill connected to and what’s fueled his work for over ten years has been the source of inspiration for many in the thriving […]

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Wooden Shjips : V.

It’s been five years since Ripley Johnson and Wooden Shjips set sail with their last LP titled Back To Land. Five years in this day and age feels more like a lifetime, so the announcement of the California psych rockers return was a much welcomed thing. Not that Johnson was just sitting on his laurels […]

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White Hills : Stop Mute Defeat

New York’s White Hills have been pushing their music forward with every album they’ve released since the mid-2000s. A mix of psych, post-punk, space rock, art rock, and pretty much anything forward-thinking that’s come out over the last 50 years, White Hills’ Dave W. and Ego Sensastion want to move you and your mind to […]

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A Saucerful Of Strawberries

Last year I bought Eternal Tapestry’s album Wild Strawberries completely on a whim. Well, honestly I think Thrill Jockey Records forced me to. You see, they send me emails and entice me with “preorders” and “limited edition” things. These limited editions I speak of are only available if you buy the record a couple months […]

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Wanderlust(and drywall dust)

Hello friends. Man, what a long week it’s been here in the hundred acre wood. Have you ever had that experience of going on a week-long holiday only to return to your place of employment and find out there’s pretty much the entire previous week’s worth of work waiting for you? Well, if not I […]

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Lightning Bolt : Fantasy Empire

Back in the day I used to get together with a friend of mine on a random Friday or Saturday night. There would be lots of beer consumed and albums shared between the two of us. This friend, we’ll call him Shane since that’s his name, would bring his entire record collection over in digital […]

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