Back in October the family and I took our annual vacation. Typically that falls in June/July, but thanks to the world shutting down in 2020 we decided to get away in late fall. Sure, the pandemic was still running hot and heavy, but our vacation was being spent in a cabin in the woods of […]

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Where Is My Mind?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you woke up on Monday morning, then the next thing you know it’s Friday morning?  Sure, that sounds great.  But it’s actually much more disorienting than you might think.  I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything relaxing, like listen to music or write.  […]

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Tennis System

We’re not even halfway through January and I’ve already discovered a great new band.  Well, new to me that is.  I was perusing Daytrotter when I saw a new session by a band called Tennis System.  Really liked what I heard there so I checked out the band’s Bandcamp page and was blown away by […]

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