Real Estate : The Main Thing

New Jersey’s Real Estate have been reliable harbingers of breezy, jangly indie rock for a decade now. Despite the simplicity in the sound of their songs, there’s a depth in the longing they sing about. Songs about longing for those backyard parties, garage band shows, and haunting suburban streets long past curfew. In the decade […]

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Real Estate : In Mind

Real Estate have always come across as indifferent to the world around them. They seem to be completely aware of the what’s going on, but despite the good and bad that comes crashing down all around they breezily strum and sing their songs of nostalgic navel gazing and pining for something they may never get. […]

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Martin Courtney : Many Moons

There’s something about Martin Courtney’s voice that just gets me. He has one of those voices that no matter what he’s singing he always just sounds like him. There’s no grandiose accenting or histrionics when he sings songs like “It’s Real” or “Talking Backwards” with his main gig Real Estate. You get the impression when […]

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Real Estate :: Atlas

You know I like apathy, discontent, and an overall general malaise in my art fix like the next guy. And a bit of snarky condescension always makes a song go down a bit rougher, yet satisfyingly cold as well. I mean really, wouldn’t you rather have disconnected sarcasm permeating the tunes you pump into your […]

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Vinyl is the Monday Cure

Nothing quite like getting home and seeing not one, but two cardboard squares sitting on the front stoop. That’s how I call Monday a winner, folks. Sitting on the front step was a package from Denmark and Brooklyn, New York. El Paraiso dropped off the new Jakob Skott album Amor Fati and Domino Records left […]

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