Corvette ’61

For a time when my dad was between 8 and 15 years old he lived in a small town in Northeast Indiana called Lagrange. That is where his obsession with cars started and where he would become what the car folks call a “gearhead”. The obsession may have started before, but in Lagrange is where […]

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Judy was my mother-in-law. Judy died on May 19th, 2014 in her apartment from complications due to alcoholism and subsequently Cirrhosis of the liver. It was the solitary life for her because that’s what her alcoholism required. She was alone most of the time I’d known her, which was 23 years when she died. When […]

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Man, it’s been quite the holiday freakout. It’s been a haze of paint fumes and Sauder manuals since last Saturday but it all came to a head on Tuesday night when everyone had moved into their own little corner of the world. I don’t think my son even remembers what it’s like to have space […]

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Father & Son

Tomorrow we celebrate my dad’s 67th birthday.  He’s still going to the same building he’s gone to since July of 1964, getting paid to do the same job he went through a journeymen apprenticeship to do.  He complains about it, sure.  But regardless of how lousy the folks are that he reports to, or the […]

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