Broken Lamps : Metropolis

Eric Bowr is something of a maestro of the studio. His albums as Broken Lamps are meticulously recorded, arranged, and performed time machines that take you back to the mid-to-late 60s. A kaleidoscopic sound of groovy psychedelia, Giallo drama, and exploitation library music that brings back the golden age of Euro melodrama. Bowr performs, engineers, […]

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Metavari : Symmetri

Nate Utesch has been the leader and sole constant in the electronic band Metavari since its inception back in 2008. He’s cultivated the sound and aesthetic from the sprawling vastness of post-rock to a much tighter electronic feel quite seamlessly. If you listen to early Metavari, say something like Be One of Us and Hear […]

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Record Store Daze

Maybe I’m getting old. Well I know I’m getting old, but that’s beside the point. The reason I say that at this juncture is because this past Saturday was Record Store Day 2017 and I was still in bed when the festivities started. Years past(well at least since 2012) I was up and out the […]

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