High on Fire : Electric Messiah

Matt Pike has had a pretty busy year. In April he and Sleep dropped the surprise 4/20 record The Sciences. It was the first new Sleep material since their Adult Swim Singles Series track “The Clarity” from 2014. Then a couple months later Sleep drops yet another Adult Swim single called “Leagues Beneath”, possibly recorded […]

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Speedwolves and Razor Hooves

Matt Pike should be crowned the King Hesher of Earth. The shirtless, stoned(formerly), drunk(formerly), and long-haired guitarist/singer of High On Fire is a force of nature. First off the guy is a monster on the guitar. Sure there’s dudes that shred in metal bands, but Pike has an ease of playing that feels almost savant-like. […]

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High on Fire : Luminiferous

I think it’s safe to say that Matt Pike is the king of metal right now. In fact, I think he’s had the King of Metal crown since High on Fire’sĀ Surrounded By Thieves in 2002. From that album, High of Fire solidified that Slayer-meets-Sabbath wall of deep, dark sludge. There’s no mistaking Pike’s masterful, gritty […]

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Nothin’ but a Dopesmoker

Lying upon my front stoop when I got home from an unextraordinary workout was a box from Vermont. Inside said box was a heavy ass double LP from the now defunct doom metal band Sleep. Yes, the classic stoner doom metal masterpiece Dopesmoker. The Weedian people have arrived at my humble Midwestern abode and they’re […]

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