Yo La Tengo : This Stupid World

New Jersey’s Yo La Tengo are an indie rock institution. The three piece which consists of Ira Kaplan, Georgie Hubley, and James McNew formed in 1984 with Kaplan and Hubley. They released their first album Ride The Tiger in 1986, and McNew joined the band in 1992 for the album May I Sing With Me. […]

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Spoon : Lucifer On The Sofa

I think it’s fair to say that Spoon have been one of the most reliable American rock bands in the last 20 years. While they released two great post-punk albums in the late 90s, their career in my mind truly began in 2001 with Girls Can Tell. From that point the Texas rock band started […]

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Darkside : Spiral

The last we heard of Darkside, the collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, the two had put their space-y music project on hiatus. Their sonically rich debut Psychic came out in 2013, but by 2014 it seemed as if Darkside had dissipated into the ether. But then last year the duo returned with the […]

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Hot Thoughts In My Mind

So Spoon is dropping a new album called Hot Thoughts in March. Whenever there’s a new Spoon album I always get a little geared up, know what I mean? There’s just something about this Austin band that exudes cool and slickness. Now normally that would keep me away from a band, cause who needs all […]

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Body/Head : No Waves

I remember being pretty floored by Coming Apart, the first record by the Kim Gordon/Bill Nace avante noise band Body/Head. In fact, I can remember thinking how on the edge that album was. Piercing, jagged guitar squalls mixed with Kim Gordon’s improvised vocal belting made for a compelling listen back in 2013. The record felt […]

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