The Soft Moon : Exister

Luis Vasquez’ music project The Soft Moon has made consistently compelling and visceral post-punk/darkwave albums for over a decade now. Starting out with mostly pulsating rhythms, jagged guitars, flanged bass lines, and icy synths, Vasquez made records that felt emotionally raw. Joy Division, Bauhaus, early Cure, and Nine Inch Nails were foundational bands for the […]

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Luis Vasquez : A Body Of Errors

Luis Vasquez uses art to express his creativity, but also his internal world. With his long-running project The Soft Moon, Vasquez uses post-punk angst and darkwave doom and gloom to paint us jagged visions of the human experience. If that sounds like a drag, it’s not. Musically Vasquez builds pulsating soundscapes, pop industrial rhythms with […]

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The Soft Moon : Criminal

Luis Vasquez seems like a guy with a lot of torment. He seems like a guy with a lot of existential turmoil to unpack. His work as The Soft Moon is a discography of pain, anger, and dark thoughts wrapped in a tattered post-punk bow. The music is always based in rhythm and percussive sway, […]

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The Soft Moon : Deeper

Luis Vasquez, aka The Soft Moon, over the course of two full-length albums, one ep, and several singles has gone and made his own little musical world where there’s very little light. Up to this point his music consists of a mix of gothic post-punk, dark techno, and the sound of a club remix of […]

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Sunday Random Nonsense

Not much to report. Just wanted to share a couple things. One of the comics my son and I found was a Dr. Who comic from 1981. It’s Dr. Who Vol. 1 No. 58 February 1981 to be exact. I’s not worth anything, it’s just something we thought was pretty interesting. My oldest daughter is […]

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