Tame Impala : The Slow Rush

It feels like Kevin Parker has finally found the perfect balance between the scrappy psych rock Tame Impala and the more nuanced, pop-inflected Tame Impala we’ve been hearing since 2015s Currents. Parker has never made it a secret that he had much loftier goals than just making his debut Innerspeaker over and over again. Even […]

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Tame Impala Announce ‘The Slow Rush’ Out February 2020; Listen To “It Might Be Time”

In ten years and over the course of a handful of EPs, and as of February 2020 four full-length LPs, Kevin Parker has gone from a skinny stoner from Perth making psychedelic albums at his house to being one of the most sought after collaborators in any genre of music. From collaborations with Lady Gaga […]

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Tame Impala’s “Borderline”

If first single “Patience” wasn’t clue enough, second single “Borderline” is here to solidify Kevin Parker’s move into straight up pop music. I’m still sort of on the fence with that first single, but with “Borderline” I guess I’m kind of signing up for the Kevin Parker experience full-on, to Hell with the consequences. Welcome […]

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Tame Impala’s “Patience”

It’s been almost 4 years since Kevin Parker graced us with a new Tame Impala record. Currents dropped in the summer of 2015 to staggering praise and much success. It was by and large Kevin Parker’s biggest musical moment since the skinny Perth music wunderkind first stumbled onto the music scene at the end of […]

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Pond : Tasmania

Featured Photo by Pooneh Ghana Pond are the frazzled, sunburnt sibling to Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala. Sort of the weirder, more far-out version of Parker’s majestic and pristine psych pop behemoths. Each band has been around the same time, with members sharing spots within each band. Pond leader Nic Holbrook was part of Tame Impala […]

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Tame Impala : Currents

Okay, so I’ve listened to Tame Impala’s excellent new album Currents several times now. Like everyday, twice a day, since last Friday. I can say very confidently that it’s a masterpiece. Kevin Parker has finally decided he no longer has to make albums that sound like they’re being performed by a crusty crew of long-haired, […]

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Mark Ronson : Uptown Special

I’ll be honest, the only reason I listened to this album was because of Kevin Parker. I think Kevin Parker is a musical genius and can do no wrong, so if he’s cool with Mark Ronson I suppose I am as well. As far as albums go where there’s tons of different artists playing puppet […]

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Tame Impala-Lonerism

In a lot of ways, Kevin Parker reminds me of Elliot Smith. Musically? No. But aesthetically, yes. Like Elliot Smith, Kevin Parker writes songs that feel lonely. Isolated. Also like Elliot Smith, Parker’s songs come from a place deep down inside of himself. The outside world is of no concern to Kevin Parker. The world […]

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