A Few Words On RSD 2016*

Okay, so for the last four years I’ve been pretty active in RSD(Record Store Day for you folks not familiar.) And when I say active I mean I get up early on a Saturday morning in April and head into a record shop to wait in line for exclusive records. My first year was 2012. […]

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Coffee and Donuts

Being somewhat incapacitated with the wonky back has shown me one very important thing and that thing is that I could get used to doing nothing. Man, what have I been thinking all these years with the constant motion of doing this or that? I always had to be doing something; clean the dirty dishes, […]

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Record Store Day 2014

I’ve been away from the writing desk for a few days. It seems spring break brings with it the urge to do things in the yard. Many things were cleaned, raked, burnt, washed, etc, over the last few days. I have many stories to tell regarding my adventures over Spring Break 2014. However, those stories […]

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