A Very Loud, Quiet House

I took last Friday off from work. Felt I needed a day away from that place and its mild mania. Felt I needed a day to myself at home listening to music, working on something creative, shampooing the carpets…anything but being at work. These last 9, almost 10 weeks of nonstop motion and movement at […]

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I’d Grade Myself ‘Fair’

I’m 49-years old and there are days when I feel I’m falling apart. For a guy who at this time seven years ago was limping around with a numb leg and drop foot because of a herniated disc I’m doing pretty good. No limp and no numbness thanks to a Discectomy in March of 2016, […]

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Record Cleaning For The Soul

Lately I’ve found a lot of comfort in cleaning my record collection. Maybe it’s just a distraction for a tired brain, or maybe it’s my anal-retentive, OCD tendencies up to their old tricks. Or possibly it’s just as simple as records need cleaned regardless of how shiny they look on the surface. Even those brand […]

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Exile On Meh Street

The week before Thanksgiving is usually a time of the year I love. Lots of dark overcast days, the temps drop, and the thought of having a four-day weekend coming up helped me push through those final, few work days. And in year’s past I would typically take the whole week off. Take a whole […]

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Make Time For Rock and Roll

I think nearly everyday of my life since I was about 12, the idea of playing guitar has popped in my head. Maybe not on my wedding day, or the day my kids were born, or at funerals, but most other days. Ever since being a 3, 4 year-old and hearing Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Doors, […]

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No Commencement For Old Dogs Or Men

On Sunday May 22, 2022 my wife and I, along with our oldest’s significant other, sat on the lawn of the Depauw University campus and watched as our daughter graduated with a Liberal Arts degree(with concentration in English Lit) from this small school in the middle of nowhere in Central Indiana. I can’t really say […]

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Birthday Boi

Today I turn 48 years old. Two years away from 50. Getting older has never really bothered me. I’ve always felt like an old person in a young person’s body anyways. Not in a Freaky Friday, Vice Versa, Like Father Like Son sort of way, but more in the Benjamin Buttons sort of way. But […]

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