Com Truise : Persuasion System

Up to this point, producer/musician Seth Haley has worked in specific narratives within his project Com Truise. A loose concept about a space traveler named Com Truise, a self-described “synthetic astronaut”, has been the ground floor of his big beats, walls of synths, and shimmering 80s ethos. VHS tapes, woozy sci fi, and latchkey afternoons […]

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Com Truise : Iteration

Yeah, I know that name annoys some people. It doesn’t me, but I get it. Seth Haley’s musical project Com Truise has been making retro-futuristic electronic music since the release of 2011s Galactic Melt. Musically he’s somewhere between Tron and Vestron Video opening sequences with some serious bass crushing the low end of even the […]

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Ether Drifts And Android Sex

I’m not sure what it is about robot music that appeals to me. Robot music? You know, that stuff you’d hear in those early 80s sci-fi flicks that would be on at 1 am on a Saturday morning, usually on USA Up All Night. Or if you were lucky enough to have movie channels you […]

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Saturday Feelies

Not much to report. Hot today. Very hot, really. Three and a half mile walk/jog, with some yard work and gardening thrown in for fun. Having a Black and Blue by Dogfish Head Brewery this evening. A pint and a half of blackberry/blueberry Belgian-style ale. Tasty. And strong. Kids back in school this week. Lots […]

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Com Truise-In Decay

Listening to Com Truise and the new album In Decay, I’m reminded of renting Betamax videotapes from Video World when I was 9 years old. I’m reminded of riding my bike two miles in the humid Indiana summer to a small grocery store that catered to yuppie lakers so I could play the Tron arcade game. And […]

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