Kill Me Fast And Clean : Cliff Martinez’ ‘Too Old To Die Young’

There’s a handful of filmmaker/composer partnerships that feel as vital as the art created between the two individuals. Hitchcock/Herrmann, Spielberg/Williams, Burton/Elfman, Anderson/Greenwood, and Refn/Martinez. The latter is the most recent pairings that feels like two long lost creative souls finally coming together to help complete each other’s artistic sentences, metaphorically speaking. I’d seen Bronson before […]

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Wanna Fight?

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives has to be one of the most divisive films to come out in some time. It came out with a mountain of expectations crushing it, almost making certain there would be a mob of folks claiming its worthlessness. I mean, when you’re having to follow up a film like […]

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Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother

It’s Friday night. It’s the beginning of a three-day weekend. It’s time to sit back and chill out, if only for an evening…or three. Labor Day weekend is fast becoming my favorite three-day weekend. It used to be Memorial Day weekend, but things have changed. Things were said…feelings were hurt. Listen, we had some good […]

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