Daniel Davies : Spies

There’s really nothing better than when an artist not only hits expectations, but exceeds them exponentially. Daniel Davies started out as a guitarist in some successful bands back in the early 2000s. Year Long Disaster, Karma To Burn, and CKY were all bands Davies played in and did quite well in. In 2015 he began […]

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Ffion : Radials

The latest from Ffion(Thomas and Ashleigh Ragsdale) has the ARP-loving electronic duo taking their already vast and dense sound into more long-form territory. Since their debut on label Soundtracking The Void back in 2018, Ffion has continuously evolved the sound into something deeper and cinematic while still enveloping melodies in rhythmic intent. With Radials Ffion […]

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Belial Pelegrim : Imitation Of Faith

As Imitation Of Faith, the new album by producer Belial Pelegrim opens, you’re treated to a bevy of sonic delights. The track “Scorpia” seems to have it all; from the click-clack rhythm to video game noises, liquid-y synths, and a microcosm of electronic buzzes and blips, it feels like you’ve stepped into some other realm. […]

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Blood In Blood Out

Roll The Dice. Now that’s an interesting band name. Really gives you plenty to go on, doesn’t it? So many connotations and directions you can head with a name like that. Now I didn’t pick up their album Until Silence because I thought their name was cool(which I did.) No sir, I picked it up […]

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