Wasted Shirt : Fungus II

Wasted Shirt is a collaborative project between Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale. If you’re at all familiar with where these two individual artists are coming from stylistically then you should be very excited. And a little frightened. If you’re not familiar, then imagine songs culled together with exploding amplifiers, drums being abused beyond […]

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Lightning Bolt : Sonic Citadel

Lightning Bolt have never been a band that dabbled in subtlety. The two-piece from Providence, Rhode Island, which consists of bassist Brian Gibson on bass and Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals, have stayed true to a mission statement of keeping things loud, fast, aggressive, and animated. Their shows are always the duo at ground […]

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Lightning Bolt : Fantasy Empire

Back in the day I used to get together with a friend of mine on a random Friday or Saturday night. There would be lots of beer consumed and albums shared between the two of us. This friend, we’ll call him Shane since that’s his name, would bring his entire record collection over in digital […]

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