Midlake: The Sound of Fall

As I was out blowing leaves and raking pine needles yesterday for two hours the thing that kept me going was music.  Give me any repetitive, back breaking work and I’ll accomplish it no problem…as long as I’ve got music pumping in my ears.  One of the bands that played through my headphones yesterday was […]

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SDM-Backwards, Going Forward

It’s fall, and it’s lo fi video making time.  At least in this neck of the woods. So, to keep the music fresh and exciting, and in order to keep me occupied and not wanting to spend money I can’t spend, I’ve started to do a video series with the songs off of SDMs Yesterday Dreamers. […]

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SDM-All The Kings Men

What else is there to do on a Friday night other than make a video?  Nothing?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.  So, because I felt like it and I got nothing else going on I decided to make a video for the SDM song ‘All The Kings Men’.  It’s one of my favorite songs […]

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Tame Impala-Lonerism

In a lot of ways, Kevin Parker reminds me of Elliot Smith. Musically? No. But aesthetically, yes. Like Elliot Smith, Kevin Parker writes songs that feel lonely. Isolated. Also like Elliot Smith, Parker’s songs come from a place deep down inside of himself. The outside world is of no concern to Kevin Parker. The world […]

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Metz debut is a blistering and punishing 29 minutes of what would be the equivalent of aural shock therapy. Equal parts crushing drums, screeching guitar noise and vocal shredding this is the kind of album that needs to come along every so often to wake us from our everyday coma and remind us that rock […]

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House Of Bread-Hypnic Jerk

House Of Bread have worked for the better part of a year(or more) on a little slice of dream pop heaven called Hypnic Jerk. After much care, mixing, remixing and a Kickstarter campaign to help make this little audio nugget available in vinyl form, the fruits of their labor have finally ripened for the picking: Hypnic Jerk is […]

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