New Look. It’s….sassy!!

So I did a little remodeling around the old shop here. I felt the place needed a little updating so I went to it. I’m liking the results.  It’s a little slicker, don’t you think?  Plus it’s black and gray.  Slimming colors.  The blog doesn’t look nearly as big. We’re only six weeks away from […]

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Dent May-Do Things

Dent May lies in a musical landscape where Brian Wilson, Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear live and create collaboratively. It’s a place that is calming, longing and reminiscent of home. A home you only find in your dreams. Its’ a place where being alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely. I knew very little about Dent May […]

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Mr. John Coltrane is helping us cope with the passing of the great vacation of 2012.  Before that, Bear In Heaven spun a few times while we cleaned house…literally. ‘Equinox’ has to be one of my favorite jazz pieces…ever.  Between that and McCoy Tyner’s ‘Contemplation’, those two compositions basically made me a lifelong jazz fan. […]

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Barbecue on the surface of the sun

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been on here.  Here being the great blogosphere.  The great internet super highway, that is.  I’ve been on vacation.  Two weeks away from the day job.  The job that pays the bills, that is.  Do any of you even remember me?  Okay, lets start over.  Hi.  My name […]

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Band dad? Hell yeah.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m excited about being a band dad.  Damn excited, actually.  I left work early yesterday so I could see my daughter’s first band concert.  It was more like a band instructional session.  She’s only been playing the oboe for 3 weeks.  Yesterdays ‘concert’ was a culmination of 3 […]

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