A**hole at the Tin Caps game.

Dear Asshole at the Fort Wayne Tin Caps game last night, Hi.  How are you?  Did you enjoy yourself at the game last night?  How was that hot dog?  Did you have some popcorn as well?  Maybe an ice cold beer?  And before you came into the stadium did you have a good time berating […]

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Tilbury’s Drama

Man, the more I see and hear about this band of Icelandic loons the more I love them.  I discovered them by chance on Rdio one afternoon and proceeded to fall for their debut album Exorcise.  The love continues to grow each time I listen to the record.  Now I’ve come across the video for their […]

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Humble Wolf-Paper Thin

Humble Wolf is the music project of singer/songwriter Jayson Angove. Along with a couple of musician cohorts, Jayson entered a couple of plush studios, one in California(Fat Cat Recording) and one right here in Fort Wayne(Digitracks Studios) and recorded Humble Wolf’s debut, Paper Thin. The result is a well-produced group of songs that run the gamut from […]

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“I’m a cherry ghost”…

It’s Friday….finally. Damn. It was a long week. Lots of crazy work stuff. Lots of crazy music stuff. It’s good to be home with a cold beer, A Ghost Is Born playing on the turntable as I pick up the house and the kids just doing their thing. We’re thinking about watching Day of the Dead later on. But […]

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D Ferren

It can be rough being a singer/songwriter in the midwest. You’ve got the chops, the songs, the desire to share what’s up in your head and down in your heart. Yet, you don’t have Brooklyn. Or the East Village. Or the Vic or Metro. You don’t have taste makers and deal makers coming out to […]

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