My Bloody Valentine Reissues in May

After reading for years about My Bloody Valentine reissuing Loveless, Isn’t Anything and their Glider and Tremolo ep’s, it seems that it’s actually happening.  It was announced that Kevin Shields is finally putting out the remastered reissues of his late eighties/early nineties seminal albums.  I can remember reading about the Loveless remaster six years ago.  Trolling […]

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Mojitos & Saturday night

Once every month or two I make the trek over to my best friend’s house for drinks, movies, you tube videos and general nonsense and/or ballyhoo. We’ve been best friends since the age of 8.  He rode past my house on his black and yellow mongoose bmx bike and I was in the front yard, possibly […]

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Bear In Heaven

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bear In Heaven’s new album at my doorstep. I Love You, It’s Cool is their third LP.  From what I’ve heard it’s definitely a little more upbeat than the last album, the dark, droning and phenomenal Beast Rest Forth Mouth.  I don’t know what it is about them that I love so much. […]

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Backwards, Going Forward

Spring Break is coming.  You know what that means at our house? Not a damn thing. Who can afford to do anything on Spring Break anymore? $4.09 a gallon for gas, the biggest trip we’re taking is to town to rent a movie. Those days of getting out of school a little early so the whole family […]

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