Tame Impala Rock On Jools Holland

I just can’t get enough of this record.  I finally picked up the vinyl yesterday and it hasn’t left the table.  Will they win a Grammy for best album of the year?  Rock album, at least?  I don’t even think Tame Impala were nominated, to be honest.  And really, who pays attention to the Grammys […]

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Dave Brubeck: 1920-2012

Dave Brubeck was the kind of jazz musician/composer that never seemed to get caught up in the stereotype of the “jazz musician”.  He seemed to be a pretty well-grounded guy.  He didn’t get hooked on smack.  He wasn’t an alcoholic.  He was married to the same woman, Lola, since 1942.  They raised sons that became […]

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Amok coming in February

Looks like Atoms For Peace have finally announced that their long-awaited long player is dropping in dirty little hands February 26th, 2013! Atoms for Peace, Amok track list: 1. “Before Your Very Eyes” 2. “Default” 3. “Ingenue” 4. “Dropped” 5. “Unless” 6. “Stuck Together Pieces” 7. “Judge Jury and Executioner” 8. “Reverse Running” 9. “Amok” I’m pretty […]

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Ulrich Schnauss

So once in a while I stumble upon something I missed.  A golden nugget of musical grandiosity that completely bypasses my radar, only to hit me square in the face years later.  Right now, that golden nugget is Ulrich Schnauss. If you’re familiar with Boards of Canada, then you’ve got a good idea of what […]

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Moon Duo-Circles

If you’re familiar with Erik “Ripley” Johnson’s main band Wooden Shjips, then getting to know his side band Moon Duo will come very naturally. They occupy that same space as Wooden Shjips; kraut rock sensibilities, fuzzed-out garage rock spirit, and spacey, drone-fueled mantras that float along like the haze at a Brian Jonestown Massacre gig. […]

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