Nineteen Years

The last twenty four hours I’ve thought a lot about friendships. You go through life and create many friendships. Some are tried and true, while others are great while they last but eventually fade. I have a very small handful of friends that I’ve known and loved since childhood. I would do anything for these […]

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Ole. Okay?

Technically my week-long sabbatical from work is over. It’s Friday evening, 6:38pm to be exact, and this would now be considered just another Friday night. But fear not, I’m not letting technicalities bring me down. No way, pal. The big cold shoulder from Mother Nature is on it’s way, and she’s making it extra cold. […]

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Music For 18 Musicians

I think I’d read the name Steve Reich recently, that’s why I’m writing what I’m writing at this very moment. Now, I’d heard of Steve Reich before recently. In fact, I’ve heard his name mentioned many times over the years. I never seeked his music out. I was never one to check out modern classical […]

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Wooden Shjips :: Back To Land

Ripley Johnson and his bearded friends in Wooden Shjips have made a name for themselves as master purveyors of psychedelic stoner rock. A mix of heavy drone, motorik beats, and a healthy dose of 60s garage rock blues these Bay area fuzz Gods have been putting out stellar albums for years now. Back To Land […]

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