Status Update

Seems lately my life consists of work, groceries, cooking, cleaning up, and going to bed. In-between those main activities there’s the occasional walk(when weather allows), listening to records, playing guitar, looking for interesting new shows to watch, and where I’m going to buy the weekend’s beer and which sort will it be. Reading, horror movies, […]

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Social Distancing : Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Quarantined

It seems that life is getting that much closer to the opening 10 minutes of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. People screaming and panicking, arguing the science of a major outbreak none of us really understand. People moving at a fast, stressed pace thinking of some kind of escape every moment they’re not escaping. […]

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Friday Thoughts

So it’s Friday. You made it through another work week. How’d you fare? Was it a good one? Not so good? I hope things weren’t too painful for you. Me? Ehh, work has become a function like breathing, blinking, or going to the bathroom. It’s a necessary function, but one I don’t really think about […]

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The Fog Approaches

I woke up this morning to a thick, heavy fog covering the neighborhood. It was so thick I could barely make out the house across the street. The streetlights made merely soupy, vague circles in the early morning air. Before I left the house I brought my wife her cellphone, just in case she got […]

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Wanderlust(and drywall dust)

Hello friends. Man, what a long week it’s been here in the hundred acre wood. Have you ever had that experience of going on a week-long holiday only to return to your place of employment and find out there’s pretty much the entire previous week’s worth of work waiting for you? Well, if not I […]

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New Year’s Eve

I can’t remember the last New Year’s Eve that I had to get up and go to work. It’s been years. And yet, here I am. I’m at work, wondering why in the hell I’m here. It’s not that I don’t understand that folks work on New Year’s Eve. I know they do. I know […]

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Fifteen Years Gainfully Employed

Yep, this is my anniversary month at my place of work. I’ve been working in shipping/receiving/inventory management at (insert orthopedic company name here) for fifteen years now. Before that I was at (insert another orthopedic company name here) for six years. Prior to that I worked for two months in the newspaper industry, a year […]

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