Whirr :: Sway

Whirr’s Sway doesn’t deviate from what they started on last year’s Around EP. That album replaced their debut’s more upbeat punk aesthetic, and gave us instead a curtain of dark melancholy. Slow, gray swaths of gothic dream pop and almost antagonistic, visceral shoegaze. Those songs were as brooding and heavy as anything you’d find on […]

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Whirr are lumped into that genre we Generation X oldsters affectionately call “shoegaze”. And while some of my favorite music is lumped into this category, I have to say it’s getting used way too much. It’s become this generic term used to describe anyone that looks at the floor more than ten seconds in order […]

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Drift Away

So I’m in a ramblin’ kind of mood this evening.  The kids are at their perspective pals abodes, my wife is at work earning some dough, and White Hills’ Stolen Stars Left For No One is spinning at the moment.  I gotta say, that was the best $13 I’ve spent in a long time(well, the […]

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