Thom’s Diner

Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes seemed to have been greeted with a lot of “meh” and “whatever” back when it magically appeared online as a download last year with little to no fanfare. It rose from the ether of the internet and got a whole lot of flack, really. “Sounds like The Eraser”, “Boring”, “More […]

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Favorite Albums of 2014

It’s been a long time coming(nearly a year by my count) since we’ve done a favorite album of the year list. Upon looking back on the year I’m pretty astounded by how many great records came out. When I first started thinking about it, I was struggling to remember more than a handful of albums. […]

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Atoms For Peace-Amok

Amok is a record not about stories and narrative.  It’s not a record about capturing that magical spark created by five musicians playing together in the studio.  It’s not even a concept record about a dystopian society.  No, Amok is a record about feel.  It’s  a record about movement and flow.  If you haven’t been […]

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Amok coming in February

Looks like Atoms For Peace have finally announced that their long-awaited long player is dropping in dirty little hands February 26th, 2013! Atoms for Peace, Amok track list: 1. “Before Your Very Eyes” 2. “Default” 3. “Ingenue” 4. “Dropped” 5. “Unless” 6. “Stuck Together Pieces” 7. “Judge Jury and Executioner” 8. “Reverse Running” 9. “Amok” I’m pretty […]

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