Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep

I grew up knowing The Shining as a Stanley Kubrick film that scared the hell out of me, even in “Edited For Television” form. The desolation of the Overlook Hotel, the jittery but optimistic mother, the alcoholic father slowly losing his mind to the ghosts that resided there, and the strange little boy named Danny […]

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Wendy Carlos, The Maestro

I knew the name Wendy Carlos as a little kid. Mainly because of The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and Tron. Hers was a name that stood out in the credits of films I watched and sort of rewired my brain as a kid. I knew that Wendy was a musician, but I never quite understood […]

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Friday Zen : The Chickening

It’s Friday, so we should celebrate. How? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a nice heavy stout poured into a pint glass, your favorite slippers hugging your feet, and a record on the turntable? Sure, that sounds nice. Maybe a pizza in the oven and cue up something on the old telly perhaps? Maybe a Netflix […]

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