The Flaming Lips : Oczy Mlody

It’s been a long strange trip, hasn’t it? The Flaming Lips have been a musical freak exhibit in a constant state of flux since the late 90s. Each record since 1997s Zaireeka has been a reinvention of the Lips. After the band became a three-piece(along with honorary member and long time producer Dave Fridmann), Wayne […]

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The Flaming Lips :: Peace Sword

Welcome back, heartfelt Wayne Coyne. That’s the first thing that came to my mind as I listened to The Flaming Lips Peace Sword. Sure, it’s songs from and inspired by some lousy movie based on a cultish sci fi book from the 80s called ‘Enders Game’, but that’s not the point. It’s those ideas put […]

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The Flaming Lips- The Terror

The Flaming Lips have been in the downward spiral for some time now.  I think it really started back in 2006 with At War With The Mystics.  There was a feeling that they were having fun but at their sanity’s expense.  Part bat-s**t crazy, part big rock songs, that album was the door to an […]

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