Folke Nikanor : Bottenviken

I grew up with a sense of Sweden being the place where Ingmar Bergman and Max Von Sydow came from. And from that I always pictured grey skies, existential dread, oppressive bodies of water and the pondering of why we’re all here. That’s where my brain went when I thought of Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gothenburg. […]

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Blood In Blood Out

Roll The Dice. Now that’s an interesting band name. Really gives you plenty to go on, doesn’t it? So many connotations and directions you can head with a name like that. Now I didn’t pick up their album Until Silence because I thought their name was cool(which I did.) No sir, I picked it up […]

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

This was a band I discovered way back, oh, probably 10 years ago.  The wife and would watch HBOs Sunday Night line-up, and at 10pm they’d have a show on called America Undercover, or something to that effect.  It wasn’t Taxi Cab Confessions or Real Sex 10, I know that.  Anyways, the song they’d play during promos and the beginning of […]

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