Afternoon Walks On Mars

I’m sure most folks when you mention the music of summer think of The Beach Boys, Bananarama, Ice Cube, BTO, or something produced by the likes of Mark Ronson or Paul Williams. Me? I think Oneohtrix Point Never. In particular, the album Drawn and Quartered.┬áNothing gets my summer sunburn going more than the hazy swaths […]

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Betrayed In The Octagon

I was trying to remember the first time I heard Oneohtrix Point Never. You see, that’s what I do in my spare time, people. I sit around and try and remember pointless drivel like “What year did ‘Paris, Texas’ come out?” and “What year did I drive 5 hours to Peoria, Illinois to see Rush […]

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Thug Life

So who is Ryan McRyhew? Well, it’s hard to find much information on the guy. I do know he’s an electronic musician(as in he makes music using electronic boxes and keyboards ‘n such, not that he himself is electronic) from the Denver area. He’s played in a few different bands, such as┬áThe Devil Made the […]

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The Space Jack Hummer

I’m not entirely sure what drew me to Ben Zimmerman’s The Baltika Years. It may have been the album cover, which was all white with what looked like confetti all over it. Maybe it was the fact that one of my new favorite record labels, Software, was putting it out. Or maybe it was the […]

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