Sufjan Stevens : The Ascension

On Sufjan Stevens follow-up to 2015s ornate and personal Carrie & Lowell, the singer-songwriter returns to his extended electronic compositions. At one hour and twenty minutes The Ascension can feel dense and at times hard to get all the way thru in one sitting, but with patience comes the rewards. Much like Stevens 2010 opus […]

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Blake Mills : Mutable Set

Blake Mills is the go-to producer and musical shaman at the moment, but he’s so much more than that. His 2014 record Heigh Ho proved as much, giving us sardonic and breezy songs about life and messing up and falling in love and disappointing those around us. It brought to mind folks like Randy Newman, […]

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Andy Shauf : The Neon Skyline

Andy Shauf is the kind of songwriter that puts you into his world with just the strum of his guitar or a melodic turn of phrase. He pulls from the magical well of classic 70s-era songwriters like Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, and Cat Stevens, but with the sonic wizardry of Jon Brion. There’s a gentle […]

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Dan Smyth : I Can’t Wait

Singer/songwriter Dan Smyth is a music machine. Not only does he lend his guitar and vocal skills to Fort Wayne’s The Legendary Trainhoppers, but Smyth is a veritable human jukebox covering over 50 years of pop and rock&roll music in local clubs. Seriously, the list of songs this man covers is staggering, and wholly impressive. […]

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Holodeck Records Readies Virgin Pool Debut EP ‘Endless Evenings’; Listen To “Keeping Still”

Virgin Pool is the name musician/songwriter Christine Aprile goes by when writing spectral, acoustic pop songs. There’s something very majestic, spiritual even, about the songs she writes. There’s a mixture of both the synthetic and the organic in her work that makes for quite the engaging listen. Artists as diverse as Colleen, Annie Clark, Wye […]

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Ryan Kerr : Live Well

Ryan Kerr makes music that seems to constantly evolve as it’s in the process of playing. It moves and slinks effortlessly like the best kind of narrative. He definitely falls in the singer/songwriter category, yet he travels among the DIY punk scene like an elder statesmen. That’s to say he’s a well respected man, among […]

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