Grivo : Elude

Austin band Grivo work in musically darker, methodical corners. Tempos are a slow dirge and melodies are jagged melancholy mixed with an emotional turmoil being an adult in these times brings. Guitars chime and reverberate as bass and drums rumble along, while the vocals feel almost whispered in the mix. Guitarist/singer Timothy Heck is our […]

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Single Lash : Providence

Single Lash are an Austin-based shoegaze/dream-pop outfit that fills the void with cavernous, reverb-drenched guitar, eloquent vocals, cascading drums, and tasteful keys. Their sound sits comfortably with the likes of Lush, early Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Straitjacket Fits(in-particular their beautiful Melt.) Nicolas Nadeau, the front man, main songwriter, and guitarist for Single Lash started the […]

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Dorias Baracca : Dorias Baracca

You probably haven’t heard the name Dorias Baracca before. They were a shoegaze/dream pop band that formed in Odense, Denmark way back in 2007 by a group of young friends. They were inspired by the giants of the genre that came before them; Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, and the like. In 2010 Dorias Baracca […]

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Slowdive : Slowdive

Okay, I must admit that prior to Slowdive’s brand new self-titled album I hadn’t really delved into their music. Yes, I know it’s a travesty and I’m making amends right now by falling completely head over heals for them. I didn’t partake in the shoegaze punch in my younger years(with the exception of Lush’ Spooky […]

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Nothing : Tired Of Tomorrow

Nothing seem to float in this very unique musical cloud of both inescapable beauty and sharp ugliness. The sounds are both pastoral and urban. Domenic Palermo’s sometimes gritty upbringing in the streets of North Philly comes through in the sounds that come through the speakers. A youth soundtracked by both hardcore and shoegaze comes through […]

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