Turquoise Moon : The Sunset City

I’m sitting here listening to The Sunset City, the lost classic from 80s synth duo Turquoise Moon, and I get the feeling of a scorching West Coast sun burning its way into the back of my head. Beach that stretches for miles as palm trees sway in the fading light. Sidewalks once crowded with walkers, […]

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What’s The Score? Volume III : Ennio Morricone and ‘The Thing’

There’s really no cinematic experience quite like watching John Carpenter’s The Thing for the first time. The desolation, the gritty man’s man vibe, the snow, and of course Rob Bottin’s next level special effects. It’s a movie about paranoia; not knowing who you thought you knew and not trusting someone you considered a brother. Something […]

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Morality doesn’t exist. Only morale. -Hannibal Lecter Really nothing better than hearing these words when you walk in the door straight off of a day’s work, “Hey. You got a record in the mail.” Man, it’s like Christmas at some random time during the year. There’s a brown cardboard square with something very wonderful inside. […]

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