Astral TV : Travelling The Circuits

Astral TV lock into the universe when they create. Their music feels centered on some deeper understanding. A deeper understanding of what? Our connectivity to currents and how they effect us emotionally and psychically. It’s a visceral sound that goes from hazy, circuital beauty to more darker realms of tone and feel. Rasmus Rasmussen and […]

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Exploring The Circuits : Astral TV Talk ‘Travelling The Circuits’ and Improvisation

Featured Photo by Kristoffer Vollmann Two years ago an album dropped from the ether called Chrystal Shores. The album was by the electronic duo Astral TV. The record didn’t actually drop from the ether. More like Denmark, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Chrystal Shores was an immense electronic album for me. […]

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Astral TV Ready ‘Travelling The Circuits’; Listen To “Different Dreams”

Two years ago Astral TV released their debut album Chrystal Shores. It was a dip into the electric ether; a foggy little trip filled with buzzing circuits and calming, distant melodies. The duo, which consists of Rasmus Rasmussen(Causa Sui, Aerosol) and Keith Canisius, built an album around the idea of electronic music that takes you […]

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Astral TV’s ‘Human’

Imagine the moment the universe reveals itself to you, openly and without hesitation. Those ancient, intergalactic secrets brought out into the bright, all-encompassing light of knowledge for you to finally understand and appreciate. Misunderstandings of existence, the afterlife, religion, death, and love are displayed to you -to anyone- for the first time ever in all […]

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Aerosol : Leave

Rasmus Rasmussen, keyboardist for the Danish music titans Causa Sui, likes to put out lush, synth-driven compositions when he’s not melting minds with his psych-rock brethren. Those songs are released under the name Aerosol. These songs are understated, quietly mesmerizing, and as engulfing as a tidal wave of analog circuitry and simple electronic beats. Each […]

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Causa Sui :: Live at Freak Valley

Causa Sui have been putting out true psychedelic rock for almost ten years. In those ten years they’ve transcended the genre into something completely their own. Starting out with a more fuzzed-out stoner rock vibe on their first two records the Denmark natives switched gears on 2008s Summer Sessions, Vol 1-3 by creating more mind-expanding […]

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