Kanaan : Double Sun

Kanaan, the Norwegian power trio which consists of Ask Vatn Strøm(Electric and acoustic guitars), Ingvald André Vassbø(Drums, percussion and organ), and Eskild Myrvoll(Bass, synths, electric and acoustic guitars) have had a busy couple of years. Blowing minds at the end of 2018 with their El Paraiso Records debut Windborne, the group played shows for most […]

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Voyag3r Return With ‘War Mask’; Listen To “The Terror Is Gaining On You”

Detroit, Michigan’s prog/synth warriors Voyag3r return on April 26th with their follow-up to 2016s excellent Are You Synthetic? War Mask sees the trio of Steve Greene(synthesizers, piano, saxophone), Greg Mastin(drums and percussion), and Aaron Greene(guitars) heading from sci fi territory to a post-apocalyptic landscape, and from the sound of lead single “The Terror Is Gaining […]

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Thematic :: The Endless Light

There’s a lot to be said for progressive metal. It’s not like you can record a progressive metal album over the weekend in the garage with nothing more than a 4-track and some secondhand guitars. There’s precision, ebb and flow, highs and lows, and a narrative involved in a proper progressive rock album that needs […]

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Arctic Sleep :: Passage Of Gaia

Arctic Sleep have come along way since 2006s Mare Vaporum. That album sported the epic opener “Over The Anitfreeze Rainbow”, a sprawling, nearly 20 minute exhibition of gurgling distortion and slow-chug that owed a debt to Earth and Sleep equally. Unlike Sleep’s barking Al Cisneros, Keith D keeps his vocals tamer and sleepier. The calm […]

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