Voyag3r Return With ‘War Mask’; Listen To “The Terror Is Gaining On You”

Detroit, Michigan’s prog/synth warriors Voyag3r return on April 26th with their follow-up to 2016s excellent Are You Synthetic? War Mask sees the trio of Steve Greene(synthesizers, piano, saxophone), Greg Mastin(drums and percussion), and Aaron Greene(guitars) heading from sci fi territory to a post-apocalyptic landscape, and from the sound of lead single “The Terror Is Gaining […]

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Thematic :: The Endless Light

There’s a lot to be said for progressive metal. It’s not like you can record a progressive metal album over the weekend in the garage with nothing more than a 4-track and some secondhand guitars. There’s precision, ebb and flow, highs and lows, and a narrative involved in a proper progressive rock album that needs […]

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Arctic Sleep :: Passage Of Gaia

Arctic Sleep have come along way since 2006s Mare Vaporum. That album sported the epic opener “Over The Anitfreeze Rainbow”, a sprawling, nearly 20 minute exhibition of gurgling distortion and slow-chug that owed a debt to Earth and Sleep equally. Unlike Sleep’s barking Al Cisneros, Keith D keeps his vocals tamer and sleepier. The calm […]

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