Every Guitar Has a Story

One of the most common dreams that seems to pop into my head these days is the music dream. The old faithful ‘dirty bathroom’ and ‘oh God I’m back in high school!’ dreams are still pretty prevalent as well, but the one that seems to haunt my brain is the music dream. I’m either playing […]

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You Do You(Or Whatever)

It’s Thursday night and I’m enjoying a couple pints and listening to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. It’s a brand new piece of vinyl that I procured just this afternoon. First Flight To Tokyo : The Lost 1961 Recordings to be precise. It’s stunning. I never really got into Art Blakey and the Jazz […]

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The Death of the Working Stiff

Leaving high school in 1992 there was still the feeling that even if you weren’t cut out for four, six, or ten more years of academia you could still find a job. Not just a job, but something that could sustain you. Then maybe even sustain you and your significant other. Eventually, you could even […]

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Phantom Limb

I remember as far back as being 5 or 6 years old that I wanted to find something that was my own. Something special; a skill or talent through which I could express myself. Take that storm of ideas, emotions, loves, and fears that swirled in my head and heart and put them out into […]

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