You Do You(Or Whatever)

It’s Thursday night and I’m enjoying a couple pints and listening to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. It’s a brand new piece of vinyl that I procured just this afternoon. First Flight To Tokyo : The Lost 1961 Recordings to be precise. It’s stunning. I never really got into Art Blakey and the Jazz […]

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January 1st, 2021

So does it feel different? Did you wake from last evenings fun and boozy bubbles and feel as if a new leaf was turned? The light a bit brighter and the heaviness a bit lighter? Yeah? No? I woke to the sound of tapping at my bedroom window. It was sleet hitting the glass at […]

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Wanderlust(and drywall dust)

Hello friends. Man, what a long week it’s been here in the hundred acre wood. Have you ever had that experience of going on a week-long holiday only to return to your place of employment and find out there’s pretty much the entire previous week’s worth of work waiting for you? Well, if not I […]

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The Art of Art

So is there an art to being artistic? It seems like being an artist shouldn’t be an art in itself. The idea of that seems really fake and non-creative in the worst sense. But lately I’ve come across some situations where it seems like being seen as an artist, or playing the part of an […]

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