Timothy Fife Talks ‘Transcommunication’ Out October 2nd; Listen To “Spellwork”

Record label Library of the Occult, though still fairly new, has had an amazing run this summer regarding album releases. First was Dream Division’s excellent The Devil Rides Out, followed by the Ogre’s inspired Gates of Nessus. Keeping the heavy synth dread going into the month of October, Library of the Occult will be dropping […]

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Dream Division : The Devil Rides Out

Dream Division works within the electronic/heavy synth world, but stands apart from the crowd. The one-man project is helmed by UK musician and producer Tom McDowell, and he makes a brand of interstellar, cosmic dread all his very own. Since 2017 McDowell has been putting out wobbly, DIY occult and sci-fi-inspired sounds and his music […]

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I binged all 8 episodes of Graham Reznick’s excellent new Shudder series Deadwax yesterday. Much like his music, Reznick’s new series works on several levels and reveals a bit more about itself as you go along. In the same respect, I think there are elements you shouldn’t try to understand. At times you need to just […]

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His Name Is Nameless

For years I thought comics were a kids game. Sure, they were written by grown men. They were drawn by grown men, too. But all for the sake of a child’s imagination. Funny then that now at middle age I’m just now finding a passion for the world of comic books. I’m searching high and […]

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