Thug Life

So who is Ryan McRyhew? Well, it’s hard to find much information on the guy. I do know he’s an electronic musician(as in he makes music using electronic boxes and keyboards ‘n such, not that he himself is electronic) from the Denver area. He’s played in a few different bands, such as The Devil Made the […]

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No Joy : More Faithful

I can’t remember the first time I heard No Joy. I know it was sometime in 2013 when they had just put out their excellent Wait To Pleasure. Something about that album was immediate and in-the-moment so I was compelled to have it. The guitar and vocal interplay between Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd has a […]

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Quilt :: Held In Splendor

As soon as Quilt’s new long player Held In Splendor begins playing you get the feeling you’ve been transported to 1968. The room is a little wobbly, the air is thick, and the beanbag you’re sitting in is strangely comfortable. A goofy grin forms across your face and opening track “Arctic Shark” has done its […]

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