Memory Upgrade

So sometimes your memory betrays you. Okay, most of the time your memory betrays you. Like for example, how you may remember an argument with an old friend that caused a riff between the two of you. When you finally have that heart to heart and discuss things you realize you remembered things all wrong. […]

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In Dreams

Dreams can be such humbling things. Even in the most bizarre, awkward ones there’s still some element of truth wrapped into the center of them if you dig hard enough. Strange places with vague similarities to ones from your waking life. Objects that have a visceral importance in a dream turn into something completely different […]

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Toyz n the Hood

We’ve arrived here at the Hubner home at the annual “get rid of  some s**t in the basement” extravaganza. This is the time of the year where I become extremely anal retentive and see a growing, massive mess in the laundry/toy room downstairs and feel the need to “do something about it”. It’s been, well, […]

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So, back in the day when Times Square was still a sewer and littered with junkies and prostitutes and X-rated theaters lined the street there used to be this place you could visit called a head shop. Now, this wasn’t something just Times Square had. No, I was merely using that as an example of […]

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