Umberto : Helpless Spectator

Matt Hill, aka Umberto, has been making eerie, haunting electronic noise now for the better part of our current decade. Capturing the queasy vibes of 60s psychedelics and 70s Giallo into his own musical prism, Umberto played a big part in helping to create the imagined soundtrack universe. Ranging from subtle techno pulses, to dense […]

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Umberto Announces New Album ‘Helpless Spectator’; Listen To “Spontaneous Possession”

It’s been three years since Matt Hill released an album as Umberto, the giallo-inspired electronic project that Hill has been creating music within since 2008. The horror score and Italio Disco vibes Hill connected to and what’s fueled his work for over ten years has been the source of inspiration for many in the thriving […]

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Umberto : Alienation

Umberto’s Alienation feels like a cross between New Age, a giallo score, and a soundtrack to some strange early 80s sci fi film. Previous albums like Confrontation, Night Has A Thousand Screams, and Prophecy Of The Black Widow all took their cues from the Gothic and dark world of horror films from guys like Argento, […]

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