Mac Demarco : Here Comes The Cowboy

Mac Demarco is the lovable weirdo of indie rock. Since the beginning, which was 2012s Rock and Roll Night Club, Demarco recorded songs that sounded like poorly stored pop songs; tracks on reel-to-reel tapes slowly molding in some nondescript storage unit in Canada. An equal mix of earnest songwriting and underlying seediness. With 2, his […]

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Mac Demarco’s “Nobody”

Mac Demarco has gone from this strange Canadian that made woozy, lo-fi rock music that could’ve been playing in Henry Lee Lucas’ pick up truck to something different. He’s now playing on my teenage daughter’s iPhone while she’s in the bathroom doing her hair for school. I think Demarco is still kind of strange, but […]

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Mac Demarco : This Old Dog

Mac Demarco is a hard one to put your finger on. On his last two albums 2 and Salad Days there was a definitely this vibe of a true blue singer/songwriter. He could put together these breezy, carefree tunes that brought to mind Harry Nilsson, Jonathan Richman, and even Cat Stevens. But there was this […]

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Mac Demarco :: Salad Days

When I first heard Mac Demarco on Rock And Roll Night Club I felt kind of queasy. It was an uncomfortable feeling, really. Even the album cover with Demarco putting on lipstick put me in mind of Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs doing the same thing. You know, right before the tuck and […]

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Alex Calder-Time

There’s a certain calm detachment that rules Alex Calder’s new e.p. Time. It’s as if he woke up from a nap, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and decided to record some songs in his living room. It doesn’t feel forced or over complicated. The songs have a stream-of-consciousness vibe to them that makes you […]

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