Tilman Singer’s ‘Luz’

Luz is one of those kinds of movies where you leave your preconceptions at the door and just experience it viscerally. Sitting down with Tilman Singer’s Luz and wanting a narrative-rich horror film with lots of scares and gore is the wrong way to approach it. You need to step into this movie as if […]

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Alone 1980 : Voyage

The Swedish heavy synth project Alone 1980 has released an impressive collection of instrumental/horror soundtrack-inspired albums in the course of just a little over a year. One EP and six full-length albums filled with analog dread and giallo-heavy vibes since August 2018 means Alone 1980 has plenty to say. On Alone 1980s latest release, the […]

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Voyag3r Return With ‘War Mask’; Listen To “The Terror Is Gaining On You”

Detroit, Michigan’s prog/synth warriors Voyag3r return on April 26th with their follow-up to 2016s excellent Are You Synthetic? War Mask sees the trio of Steve Greene(synthesizers, piano, saxophone), Greg Mastin(drums and percussion), and Aaron Greene(guitars) heading from sci fi territory to a post-apocalyptic landscape, and from the sound of lead single “The Terror Is Gaining […]

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Burning Tapes : Black Lake Soundtrack

Album art by Denis Cardan Black Lake is the name of an upcoming horror film by filmmaker K/XI. The film is written, directed, and stars K as protagonist Aarya. The synopsis goes like this: Aarya, a young woman, looking for inspiration and to pursue her passion for Expressionist painting, leaves her family in the city to house-sit, in […]

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I binged all 8 episodes of Graham Reznick’s excellent new Shudder series Deadwax yesterday. Much like his music, Reznick’s new series works on several levels and reveals a bit more about itself as you go along. In the same respect, I think there are elements you shouldn’t try to understand. At times you need to just […]

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Pieces Vol 3

We’re less than a week away from all Hallow’s Eve. The ghouls are sharpening their claws and the witches are getting their cauldrons ready to boil up the bones of the innocent…or something like that. Either way, we’re down to just days before Halloween is upon us. The past two weeks have been a countdown […]

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