Missionary Work : The Ash tree

There’s something stately and haunting about Missionary Work’s new album The Ash Tree. Renato Montenegro has built an ornate castle of sound that is part parlor music, baroque Gothic, and classical music from beyond the grave. Music to accompany M.R. James’ tale of the same name, the harpsichord melodies intertwine with haunting synth and regal […]

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Old Dark House Premiere “Helga Ulmann Speaks” Video; ‘Welcome Home’ Out 2/19

Old Dark House is the duo of Corey Brewer and Andrew Crawshaw. Their sound is that of haunted electro pop, meaning songs that sway like the best of early 80s alternative with a twist of Gothic darkness, and a voice that brings to mind Leonard Cohen and The Walker Brothers. Brewer’s sultry baritone is surrounded […]

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Eerie Family : S/T

I imagine if Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas started a band based on a mutual love of 50s rock and roll, Low, Suicide, and X then I think it would sound like Eerie Family. Eerie Family is Alex Cuervo and Alyse Mervosh, the husband and wife duo from Hex Dispensers, as […]

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