D Ferren : Something Like Forever

D Ferren is the quintessential singer/songwriter. He makes gritty tunes that aren’t quite country and aren’t quite folk, but very much rock and roll. He adds bits of familiarity; the organ-fueled white soul of Whiskeytown here, and the guitar crunch of early Wilco there. But even with those inspirations present, Ferren’s musical world is a […]

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Slow Pokes-Dead Lines

Within the first thirty seconds of Dead Lines opening track ‘Train Hands’, Fort Wayne rock band Slow Pokes encapsulate the last 45 years of rock ‘n roll. From Troggs garage rock, to Stooges punk, and Chuck Berry “duck walk” exuberance. Zach Kerschner, singer/songwriter/bass slinger sings with a youthful vigor and a drunken ramble that keeps […]

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