Secret Drum Band : Chuva

featured photo by Marcus Fisher It’s hard to describe Secret Drum Band’s Chuva, the Portland music collective’s second full-length album and first with the great Moon Glyph Records. It’s nothing like anything Moon Glyph has dabbled in before, with the focus here on rhythm and powerful soundscapes created with intricately orchestrated percussion, ambient electronics, and […]

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Dan Drohan Shows His “Strength”; ‘You’re A Crusher/drocan!’ out June 26th

Drummer/composer Dan Drohan lends his percussion talents to many, such as psych rock outfit Olden Folk, Maggie Rogers’ Blood Ballet (an album on which he also served as co-producer), and future pop project Dreamaway. But on his own he makes experimental beat-based music that sounds like Madlib, Battles, Animal Collective, and a touch of Yoshimi-era […]

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Jakob Skott : Instrumentality

I remember hearing Jakob Skott for the first time. It was before I realized he was the drummer in Causa Sui, or the co-label runner of El Paraiso Records. I’d just opened my brain up to the world that El Paraiso was building within their roster. I was a newly baptised believer and was primed […]

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