Ty Segall : First Taste

Ty Segall is back with a new album. Coming down from the T. Rex grooves and Detroit City rock/funk of Freedom’s Goblin, his newest First Taste looks a little more inward. Segall still knows how to shake a tail feather or two, but this feels less like an extroverted peacock and more like a cautionary […]

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Ty Segall : Freedom’s Goblin

Ty Segall is not the type of guy to sit on his laurels. He doesn’t put out an album and then sit, lay back and just coast on good reviews for awhile. It seems that usually by the time he puts a record out he’s already onto the next record, project, music obsession, etc. For […]

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No Age : Snares Like A Haircut

Randy Randall and Dean Spunt have always come across as a couple art house punks with a hell of a lot of conviction. This Los Angeles noise/art/punk/rock duo known as No Age have never sounded like they’re particularly adept at their instruments, at least at the beginning. They came across as a couple sweaty punks […]

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Wand : Plum

Going into Wand’s Plum I was expecting a bit of the usual Ty Segall-inspired garage noise, much like what was on the three previous records(Ganglion Reef, Golem, 1000 Days.) Playing with both Segall and Mikal Cronin, Hanson does have a little of both hard-wired into his musical DNA. While there are moments where the weirdness […]

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Ty Segall : Ty Segall

You pretty much know what to expect when jumping into Ty Segall’s musical world. You should, as he creates these worlds on a pretty steady basis. Whether it’s his own albums or with projects he started with pals like Mikal Cronin and Charlie Moothart, Segall is in constant creative cycles. A year ago Segall dropped […]

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Axis: Sova : Motor Earth

Before hearing Axis: Sova’s newest album called Motor Earth I had no idea who he was. Yes, Axis: Sova is a he. That’s the name Chicago guitarist Brett Sova goes by when creating grainy garage rock albums. If you’re at all familiar with DIY, scuzzy rock gods like Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Kelley Stoltz, […]

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Purling Hiss : High Bias

Purling Hiss are a band that can’t really be labeled. As soon as you think you know who they are the sound changes. Mike Polizze and his Purling Hiss project began asan experimental outlet for him to record his white noise and fuzz-drenched solo songs, but it turned into more than that. Comparisons to Dinosaur […]

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Ty Segall : Emotional Mugger

Surprise, a new Ty Segall album. I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? The fuzz rock wunderkind has kept a pretty steady habit of putting out two or three albums a year, whether under his own name or with some pals in another band. Last year’s quite excellent Manipulator showed that if Segall takes […]

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