Camp Of Wolves : Dragoon

David Salisbury’s Camp Of Wolves has been one of those musical projects that I’ve been completely enamored with ever since I first heard Granite Creek a year and a half ago. That album rolled along like quiet melancholy; ambient and drone textures coalesced with emotional heft and vulnerability. His debut with label Soundtracking The Void […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Green Timbers

The first time I heard David Salisbury’s musical project Camp Of Wolves was the album Granite Creek(out in January on Soundtracking The Void.)The music on that album entrances; baroque electronic that whispers melodies through circuits and sound manipulation. Salisbury makes music that sounds of his surroundings, which is the dense forests and intimidating countryside of […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Granite Creek

The new album from David Salisbury’s electronic project Camp Of Wolves is heavy, man. Not in a d-tuned guitar and screamo vocals heavy, but the kind of heavy that hits you when you least expect it driving to work, or staring out at the sea. A monolithic melancholy that touches your cheek when some great […]

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