I remember my 14th birthday like it was yesterday. It was the birthday my parents bought me my first electric guitar. It was a 1986 Squier Stratocaster. Blue with white pickguard. They’d bought it with the help of my guitar teacher at the time Jim Howie from Paradise Music Store. In my hometown at that […]

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I shaved my beard recently. Not all the way, just enough to where it looks like I forgot to shave for a couple days. Don Johnson five o’ clock shadow? No, more like Dom Deluise 5 o’clock shadow. Or maybe Peter Deluise five o’clock shadow if I’m lucky. Anyways, I needed a change and felt […]

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Stan Lee : 1922-2018

I grew up a kid that was sick a lot. At one point our family doctor told my mom that he thought I had Leukemia due to how often I’d been sick in my relatively short life of 4 years. My mom insisted he check me for allergies, so as to “humor” her he did […]

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As Time Goes By

The fastest week of the year is usually my summer vacation. This year was no different. We normally pack up the car and head down south to Brown County and explore Nashville, Bloomington, and various trails while enjoying the view from some nondescript cabin in the woods(I use the term cabin loosely, as they’re usually […]

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Garage Sales…Revisited

I’m not  a fan of garage sales. Not a fan of going to them, but most definitely not a fan of having them. I just don’t think it’s in me to host a gathering in my garage where my old shirts, shoes, and worn down furniture are the main attraction. I appreciate the purpose, which […]

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