Carlton Melton : Where This Leads

California psych rock purveyors Carlton Melton have been putting out wobbly, gauzy, far out rock and roll for well over a decade now. Recording in a geodesic dome in northern California amidst redwoods and the faint crashing of waves on a Pacific Ocean coastline, Andy Duvall, Clint Golden, and Rich Millman make music as more […]

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DDT : Enter The Bend

There’s some serious sonic voodoo going on when you drop the needle on DDTs Enter The Bend. It’s like opening a portal to some other dimension powered by third eye enlightenment and super-powered hallucinogenics. Droning guitars, tribal drums, and buzzing synths create a primitive symphony of noise that’s part space rock and part deep woods […]

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Mineral For The Mind : Carlton Melton Talk Mind Minerals, European Tours, and the Rocking Pneumonia

Carlton Melton seem to reside in a musical space all their own. They’re one of those bands that completely transcend their influences into something wholly original. Classic rock, alternative rock, noise rock, and mother nature herself seem to collide and coalesce in the improvisational jams that make up a Carlton Melton record. When I first […]

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Carlton Melton : Mind Minerals

Carlton Melton write and create on another level. They seem to reside not outside in the elements, but somewhere deep inside. They make a kind of subconscious psychedelia. The sound of blood rushing from your body to your brain, or the whooshing you occasionally get inside your ear as if air is escaping your skull, […]

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Carlton Melton : Hidden Lights

Whenever you drop the needle on a Carlton Melton album you can almost always expect to be taken on a journey. Their albums are these sonic doorways into alternate realities that are sometimes serene and sometimes gritty. The musical world of Carlton Melton is an often gauzy trip into hazy synths, swaths of guitar, and […]

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Saturday Feelies

Not much to report. Hot today. Very hot, really. Three and a half mile walk/jog, with some yard work and gardening thrown in for fun. Having a Black and Blue by Dogfish Head Brewery this evening. A pint and a half of blackberry/blueberry Belgian-style ale. Tasty. And strong. Kids back in school this week. Lots […]

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Carlton Melton : Out To Sea

I’ve been living with the new Carlton Melton long player Out To Sea for a while now. Just letting things soak in a bit. Letting my brain float in that psychedelic brine, if you will. After careful listening -and enjoying a few beers along the way- I think it’s safe to say this is the […]

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