Broken Lamps : Metropolis

Eric Bowr is something of a maestro of the studio. His albums as Broken Lamps are meticulously recorded, arranged, and performed time machines that take you back to the mid-to-late 60s. A kaleidoscopic sound of groovy psychedelia, Giallo drama, and exploitation library music that brings back the golden age of Euro melodrama. Bowr performs, engineers, […]

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Broken Lamps : Kaleidoscope

Broken Lamps creates a musical world of intrigue, paisley hallucinations, and tasteful grooves. It’s a psychedelic time machine that transports you to a smoke-filled lounge hidden along a cobble-stoned street in Florence. You take a Vespa through the Italian countryside, where composers like Morricone, Nicolai, Umiliani, and Cipriani pulled inspiration from for their most iconic work. […]

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Broken Lamps : Turn Signals

You hit play on Broken Lamp’s debut Turn Signals and you’re instantly transported to some alternate universe. A universe where every person you meet seems to be hiding something, every woman is alluring but dangerous, and people can still smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes on commercial flights from Milan to New York City. At every turn […]

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